Cycling Across the World, Interviewing Locals Along the Way

On a trip as ridiculous as this, I thought I’d embarrass myself even more by uploading video diaries along the way. Check back here to see new uploads and to follow my journey!

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Arctic to Asia: Part 12 – Cycling to Chișinău and Visiting a Country that Doesn’t Exist

Arctic to Asia: Part 11 – An Idiot Cycles into Moldova in Winter

Arctic to Asia: Part 10 – Cycling into Ukraine as Martial Law was Declared

Arctic to Asia: Part 9 – Racing Winter Across Eastern Poland (Kraków to Przemyśl)

Arctic to Asia Cycle Tour Part 8: Cycling from Częstochowa to Kraków for All Saints’ Day and Independence Day

Arctic to Asia Cycle Tour Part 7: Cycling Through Autumn Storms in Western Poland

Arctic to Asia Cycle Tour Part 6: Getting Used to Travelling Solo – Cycling from Germany to Poland

Arctic to Asia Cycle Tour Part 5: Cyle Touring Solo for the First Time – Hamburg to Berlin

Arctic to Asia Cycle Tour Part 4: Sweden, Denmark and Germany

Arctic to Asia Cycle Tour Part 3: Central and Southern Norway

Arctic to Asia Cycle Tour Part 2: Northern Norway

Arctic to Asia Cycle Tour Part 1: Preparation

Arctic to Asia Cycle Tour – Trailer

A video about me and the project by film-maker Mikel Peña Sarrionandia

The Place, The Person, The Plate from Mikel Peña Sarrionandia on Vimeo.

Mohammad Alard interviews me about the Arctic to Asia Cycle Tour

Find his channel HERE!

I set out on the Arctic to Asia cycle tour in July 2018 with virtually no cycling experience. Since then I’ve ridden thousands of kilometres in scorching heat and frigid winters while exploring the world through the eyes of local people. While on the rest of the website you’ll see the stories of the people I’ve met along the way, here you’ll find video diaries from my time on the road as I get to grips with the world of cycle touring.

For the last 1.5 years, I’ve been on a cycle tour from Tromsø in Northern Norway to Baku, Azerbaijan, while interviewing locals along the way for my blog. Cycle touring for beginners like me can be intimidating; I’d ridden a bike 4 times in the previous 10 years before this journey, but I decided to jump in at the deep end and learn about bikepacking and touring while I was on the road. After watching a few videos on “how to cycle tour”, I set off, and covered 11 countries by bike (and took detours to another 2): Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

Long distance cycle touring alone was always going to be a challenge, but I got used to it after a month, and eventually started to appreciate it. I didn’t have much cycling gear or expertise, and I resorted to using an old Trek mountain bike that I got from a friend, which was frustrating at times, but I found motivation in the locals I met along the way, and the far-flung places I reached off the beaten track. The adventure by bike showed me a new side of travel. I’d never interacted so much with local people and my surroundings when I’d been abroad, or been so exposed to the kindness of strangers. Travelling slowly as I pedalled made me feel immersed in the countries and cultures I cycled through, and it forced me to stop in some of the more obscure places the world has to offer. All in all, cycling the world shows you a side of some countries most travellers never get to appreciate.

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