• Why Jon Finley Supports Trump for President

    Why this Conservative Supports Trump

    Conservative American Explains why he’s Voting for Donald Trump in 2020 [VIDEO] Want to know more? Two years ago, back before Covid was even a dot on the horizon, I packed my bags and headed off to the USA. While I was there I took a road trip through the land of whiskey, rock and roll, and southern twangs; Tennessee. At a small, roadside café in Cornersville, I met Jon Finley. We’re at opposite ends of the political spectrum, and he was supporting Republican President Donald Trump in the 2020 elections, after doing the same in 2016. With the election coming up, I decided to try and get out of…

  • Georgia

    Alan Gilmer in Atlanta, Georgia

    The Place: Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta is not what you would call a “walking city”. Everyone, much like the in the rest of the U.S., drives everywhere. There’s little-to-no public transport, and that can seem alien to a European. A drive into the city that would have taken 20 minutes anywhere else took us an hour-and-a-half so, if you’re heading out anywhere by car, make sure to allocate a lot of extra time for gridlocked traffic. Steeped in a fascinating history, there are plenty of sites worth visiting. At the top of my list, since I was in the South, was to visit a plantation, where you’re guided through the generations…

  • Jon Finley in Cornersville, Tennessee
    Tennessee,  USA

    Life in Rural Tennessee – Jon Finley

    The Place: Cornersville, Tennessee “Surprisingly not located in a corner of Tennessee, but smack-bang in the middle, Cornersville was what I hoped it would be: a tiny U.S. town that doesn’t see much action outside of it’s own little bubble. Nashville, still a dot on the horizon, now felt a galaxy away, as high-rise buildings, cluttered roads and rock music pouring from bars onto the streets had morphed into pearl-white, wooden churches, meticulously trimmed lawns and the chirps of birdsong.” Please note that we do not fact-check our interviewees, and that their views do not necessarily represent our own. The Person: Jon Finley, 46, Restaurant Owner “I’m a husband and a dad,…