• Turkish Imam in Rize, Turkey
    Tieran Meets the World,  Turkey

    Ramadan & Religion in Turkey

    Cycling through Turkey During Ramadan – VIDEO [Article Below] Summary: What are the rules for Ramadan, why do people fast, and what’s it like to visit turkey during the islamic holy month? My cycle tour through Turkey coincided with Ramadan, a religious period I’d known embarrassingly little about before my arrival, but that was about to change… Thoughts From the Road  I should be scared, but I savour the rush. The wind picks up, roaring against my face as my eyes begin to water, and I allow momentum to take control. A car pulls out in front of me, and I veer left, tilting my entire bike into the stream…

  • Lezgîn Kitêbçiyan talks Kurdish issues in Turkey
    Istanbul,  Turkey

    What’s it like being Kurdish in Turkey?

    The Place: Istanbul, Turkey (2/2) “I was starting to learn more about Turkish society; its quirks, its nuances, and its fractures… the warmth exuded by locals to foreigners masked some of the divisions that separated them from each other… Erdoğan supporters, Kemalists, Gülenists, Kurds; different factions clashed with one another over everything from politics to religion to ethnicity. Rather than fight the biases, I resolved to embrace the diversity of opinion, and take everything that I was told during my time in Turkey with a pinch of salt.” Please note that we do not fact-check our interviewees, and that their views do not necessarily represent our own. The Person: Lezgîn…

  • Mert Himmet Gümüş Featured
    Istanbul,  Turkey

    Islam, Erdoğan, Turks and Kurds

    The Place: Istanbul, Turkey “It took me 9 hours to cycle just 40km halfway into Istanbul, but by the end of it, it was as though I’d spent a lifetime there. It was alive; a living, breathing entity in its own right, and was saturated with an energy unlike anything I’ve ever felt. It coursed through narrow alleyways and over cobblestones, and swirled in the air. It felt electric, like at any moment it could explode from all the intensity, and my brain reeled from the assault on the senses… It was pure, perfect anarchy.” Please note that we do not fact-check our interviewees, and that their views do not necessarily…