• Gothenburg,  Sweden

    Kåre Lindqvist in Gothenburg, Sweden

    The Place: Gothenburg, Sweden A city cloaked in a rich history, oozing with the vibrance of bright red rooftops, manicured parks, and cafe-lined streets; Gothenburg is what you might call a ‘hidden’ gem. After spending just a day there, you’ll realise it’s a city full of quirks, whether it’s the fact that no one wears white caps because “that’s what the tram conductors wear”, or the strange prevalence of greek statues, like Poseiden in the photo, which play an important part in Gothenburg culture. Take a stroll through their most popular park, Slotskoggen, and you’ll find it doubles as a free zoo, with enclosures for penguins, otters, and more found in…